​Life is not about waiting forthe storm to pass,

it's about learning to dance in the rain.

-- Unknown--

​​Virginia Ritterbusch

Personal & Relationship Coaching

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to help you find time for yourself

Having navigated latent PTSD, it's related depression,

compulsive  thinking, dissociation,  body-dysmorphic disorder,

and generalized and social anxiety ​​​from early in life, I have  gained

understanding, skills and the expertise to harness those obstacles

and use them to transform clients lives.  The international

adoption of our daughter, being a cancer survivor, and successfully

navigating the dynamics of family life to be successfully and

happily married for over 4 decades along with knowing how to

approach and work with fragile family relationships pulls at

me to contribute and give to the lives of others. Helping is my

passion. Experience the energy that one complimentary

coaching session can bring to your life.  See the menu bar below.