I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Concentration in Psychology.  I pursued Life Coaching Certification through the Center for Coaching Certification which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  I furthered my coaching expertise through The Coach Mindset:  Elite Life Coach Training and Certification.  I find tremendous excitement and satisfaction in working with individuals on improving or changing aspects of their lives. Confidentiality is guaranteed as is complete respect for each client's capabilities and feelings.  The most important aspect of client work is the trust and caring that we establish working together.

My professional background originated in healthcare as a registered dental hygienist.  For twenty-five years, I have helped educate and motivate patients to form beneficial oral hygiene routines to improve their oral health status.  The health care knowledge in conjunction with my ability to connect with and work one-on-one during regularly-spaced intervals has touched a deep desire in me to encourage, educate, and empower people to improve personal aspects of  their lives when a stirring for change is felt.

Having traversed two decades of my own need for personal change, together with my educational background, my skills as an educator and health-care clinician, as well as my own personal research and the use of proven methods has yielded me permanent behavior changes that have culminated in my ability to clearly comprehend the scope of the forest while navigating the trees and I have assembled a proven method for bringing about permanent change. 

I reside in Orlando, Florida with my husband.  We live in close proximity to family and enjoy the privilege of being very involved with our grandsons.  Moving to Florida also brought us closer to our daughter and her family who live in Bogotà, Colombia.  We communicate with them regularly in addition to sharing as much together time as possible.