IFS-Inspired Coaching Certification


Some of you may remember that in the 1950's and 60's, parents told girls that we just needed to get some sort of training where, if need be, we could support ourselves and children in case of divorce or the death or illness of a spouse.  We were offered the occupations of secretary, teacher or nurse.  There were few acceptable roles for woman and little tolerance or understanding of a need for much else. Dependency on men was ingrained.

That advice did not have much relevant value as society matured and women entered the work force.  By the 70's women began applying to law, medical and business schools. But I was raised under the "old" guidelines, so I accepted those as the standard I needed to follow. Besides, being industrious and feeling entitled to follow that mindset were not on my dance card. I had not been groomed toward those opportunities and felt they were for everyone else, not me.

I hated school and studies, so off to a two-year school I went to learn how to be an "executive secretary." It would be the easiest and quickest curriculum to pursue while satisfying everybody else's needs.

I began working at such in 1972, met my husband at a power engineering company where we were employed and followed the traditional route. Now, don't get me wrong, I have never felt dissatisfied with my roles in life; however, as our children grew and were headed in the direction of college, it became apparent that an increase in my earning potential would make life much less stressful.

At age 38, I enrolled at the local community college and began courses that would position me for work in health care. I graduated and became licensed in dental hygiene. Twenty-five years later, I continue to serve dental patients.  What I love about my job is the one-on-one interface and the difference I was make in people's lives.

People like sharing with me, trust me, and bring their daily struggles with them to discuss during our appointment time every 3-4 months. I could see an energy shift in my patients. Coaching invigorated me and I decided to return to school to complete a BS degree with a concentration in psychology that eventually lead to my return to school for MSW degree (Master in Social Work). I felt a calling and strong drive, for the first time in my life, to pursue more education and propel myself toward a new career.

Unfortunately several circumstances interfered with completing the second half of the MSW degree.  Still being driven to help people, I discovered and cheered when I learned about coaching as a profession. I have completed three coaching certifications in addition to the Dare To Be Different Marriage Mentoring Program.
My life experiences have included but are not limited to the international adoption of our daughter, being a cancer survivor, and navigating the dynamics of family life to be successfully and happily married for over 4 decades along with knowing how to approach and work with fragile family relationships. Life pulls at me to contribute and give to the lives of others. Helping is my passion.

Confidentiality is guaranteed, as is complete respect for each client's capabilities and feelings.  The most important aspect of client work is the trust and caring that we establish working together.
It would be my privilege to work with you to clear obstacles and energize the pathway you choose. In working toward a process for change, you too can harness your stress and anxiety and transform them into confidence so that your life can be spontaneous and fun.
Accept my offer of a Complimentary Coaching Session through the MENU BAR at the top of each page. I look forward to the energy we'll produce together.