Virginia and I have worked together frequently over the past several years. She has been valuable to me in navigating significant personal changes in my life. I could always count on her to calm my fears and help me see things from a positive perspective, which enabled me to move forward in my next step. I know I could not have dealt with the turmoil nearly as effectively without her insights and coaching—she has anchored me in reality.​

Virginia has a gift for valuing individuality and understanding matters of the heart. She has helped me over and over again to discover and promote my needs. I am thankful she has been a resource to me during this stretch in my life.  Virginia's commitment and accessibility to her client is unfailing.


“Following the death of my husband when I was facing frightening changes in life, Virginia's coaching and support helped to stabilize my moving forward.  It was a very difficult time for me and I am thankful I had her guidance.”



​​​​It was my pleasure to meet Virginia three years ago. I was lamenting the unrealistic expectations of one of my children when Virginia gently touched my shoulder and said, “That’s call Hope.”  It was a calm reasonable appeal to my frustrated par​ental part.  I was then able to see I needed to walk in my child’s shoes and empathize with her need for "Hope".
Since that time, Virginia has continued to present open-minded empathetic conference. She has the skills and character that promote insight and wisdom. Her reliability, quiet demeanor and perseverance are an inspiration to my mind every time we have a session.
Dona McGovern
Orlando, FL


Working with Virginia as my life coach over the past few years has helped me to build a better foundation for communication with my wife. I am much more comfortable going into disagreements now because I understand they are a normal and heathly part of two people living together. Virginia has helped me to navigate them by listening to both sides of the discussion which keeps our environment stabilized.

Guenther, Florida

​​I love self-help books because they have served me well during difficult times in my life.  Reframe Your Viewpoints, by Virginia Ritterbusch is one of those books I will always remember.  It is not that the NLP technique of reframing is new to me, but that the book presented it clearly, providing all types of situations for use and even to use as a way in which to interpret other people's motivations.  I enjoyed her style of writing, the supplemental information, and found it fun to read.  I know I will refer to Reframe Your Viewpoints regularly over the years. 

During our call concerning a difficulty I was having with one particular situation in finding a reframing statement to quiet my mental chatter, she asked questions that immediately brought a visual to my mind that clicked for me--it was an "ah hah" moment.  I know that mental picture will always be my perfect reframing tool for this situation in the future.

David Krug, Professor